He’s known as the Grauballe Man, a bog body, unearthed in 1952 at the village of Grauballe in Jutland, Denmark

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Look at the astonishing detail of this corpse of someone who died over 2,300 years ago! It even shows the wrinkles on his face and the hair still on his head. This is such a remarkable display of ancient human history. Image by Sven Rosborn, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

N, that’s not a toupee the mummified corpse is wearing. It’s his real hair that’s been preserved, along with the rest of his body, by a natural preservation process from sphagnum moss (aka peat moss) combining with low temperature, highly acidic water, and a lack of oxygen, which is also the reason his skin is leathery and tea-colored.

Sphagnum moss can be found blanketed on top of bogs, which are wetlands of peat (aka turf), dead plant material, and other mosses. …

Is age really just a number?

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Chronological Age vs. Biological Age

That is the answer to the question of why some people look younger than their age and others look older than they really are.

How so?

Let’s see…

Aging is, at its simplest description, a biological process, and it happens with anything living whether that be a piece of fruit, a flower, an animal, or a person.

Think about it. What happens to a piece of fruit or flowers when they get old? Their appearance changes drastically from vibrant and supple to the opposite. The fruit rots and decomposes and the flower withers and does the same.

They go through…


There’s no better time than right now to break a bad habit

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Photo by Jaroslav Devia on Unsplash

Known Cancer-causing Habits

We all have things that we just normally do out of habit, even habits that could cause cancer. And many times habits are just a way of life, and we do the things that we do because that’s the way we’ve always done them, even though those habits could be doing us harm.

And the crazy thing is sometimes people have habits that they know have been proven to cause cancer, but still keep with those habits, such as cigarette smoking (which can cause cancer anywhere in the body, not just the lungs) and too much sun exposure, to name…


Success as a writer on Medium is achievable even if you don’t have the most elegant words or experience, and I tell you why

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Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

It seems like at every turn, new writers or struggling writers are told that they must be at the top of the writing game to be a successful writer that gets views on Medium. And, I must admit that I’m one of those people who have said this to be so, but this is not the end all be all of gaining momentum on Medium.

The truth is, while it is a plus to be good at writing (or excellent at it if you’re lucky), being just an ‘ok’ writer can still win you some points with readers. …


Follow up from last month’s story about how my Medium income increased by 365% over 3 months

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Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

This is a follow up to the story I wrote last month

Month 4

I’ve been on Medium for longer than 4 months, but it’s only been 4 months since I took my writing seriously and really started to get into it.

The increase is now 667% since October 2020 with January 2021 earnings of $49.79, just under 1.5 times what I earned in December.

Here’s an excerpt from last month’s income stat story:

And there’s still 4 more days in December to go (as of the time of this writing). So, this amount will be even higher for the entire month.

The question is: Will the increases continue to double or do even better?

Let’s speculate.

At the current rate of about…


The key is to stop allowing people to use you up all the time

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Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

Whew child! People will use you up! And they’ll do it for as long as you let them. You can believe that.

I should know because I’m somebody who’s been used to the point of not even wanting to be nice anymore. There comes a point that you have to stop being ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ or ‘Ms. Nice Girl’, if you expect to have a piece of your own life and be free to do the things that you want to do, instead of always catering to or working yourself ragged to do everything for everybody else.

Enough is enough!

Saying ‘No’ = More Productivity


Sometimes being low-key needs to take a back seat to taking a chance and being more adventurous

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Image by antoine carrion from Pixabay

Your dragon inside of you is the wildest side of yourself that dreams up all the wild and crazy dreams. Stuff that you think you could never do because of limitations, but things that you’d do if only you could.

Limitations can be just about anything like money problems, time constraints, family issues, your age, your weight, the kids, unbelief, fear, low confidence, lack of motivation, not enough information, worrying about what somebody might think, or whatever else that can get in the way of you making those outlandish dreams of yours a reality.

Maybe it’s high time that you…


Maybe, it depends on the woman

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Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

While surfing the Internet, I saw an article in Women’s Health Magazine about a woman, Ally Head, deadlifting twice her body weight. And then I read about pro female bodybuilder, Becca Swanson, lifting 672 lbs, which is more than twice as heavy as Ally’s deadlift.

I find this fascinating.

At first, I was hesitant in my thinking about this, especially when I thought about an article I read about a man snapping his spine in two while deadlifting.

So, naturally, I’m thinking that if he did that, then surely a woman would be at even greater risk of a spinal…


All the various creative commons permissions explained; you need to know the differences to avoid copyright infringement

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Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Pay attention because this is one of the most confusing things I have encountered over my writing career.

But I took the time to make sure that I understand how Creative Commons rights work, not only because it’s a valuable resource for finding images and videos to use in articles and stories, but because I don’t want Medium to ban my account for using Creative Commons images that I thought were free to use but they weren’t.

To my surprise, I learned that not all Creative Commons images are free and clear to use, especially for commercial purposes, which is…


This is the crispiest, crunchiest, tastiest chicken to ever grace my table :)

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Oh my GOODness! This fried chicken is sooo good it will make you slap yo momma!

This is, by far, the best homemade fried chicken I have ever served. I just got tired of the same ole’ chicken all the time, so I did a little cooking experiment, and it paid off because this chicken is slammin! I’m so excited! You can make it too because I’m sharing the recipe here.

Look how golden, crispy and beautiful it turned out!

When I say this chicken is crispy, I mean it is C-R-I-S-P-Y!

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