Excellent piece, once again, my brother Genius! It is refreshing to be exposed to just how much of a deep soul Stedman Graham truly is. I am impressed and inspired especially by his perspective on how he would like to be remembered. Labels can be a poison in many ways, particularly the labels we imposed on ourselves, often based on other people's view of us that create limitations that we come to believe.

Stedman is so right in that we need to define ourselves by taking control of our own destinies, which starts with first understanding the power in making the best of the same 24-hours-a-day that we all have. Yes, some of us have it harder than others, but we still have the power to replace negative thinking and self-speak with the positive, and to seek out ways to change things.

Thank you for highlighting the inspiration of Mr. Graham. I will definitely have to get his book!

I’m a writer of all things interesting in self-improvement, healthy living, relationships, psychology, history, cryptocurrency, poetry and being a better human.

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